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Already when I was little, I questioned what I observed with my physical senses. I searched for “something”, a truth beyond the obvious. My family was not able to understand (or support) me. Decades later, they said that they were wondering why and what I was searching as a child.

In my teenage years, I finally gave up this search. As consequence, my life was getting dull and arduous. When I was 25 years old, my parents got divorced and our family life was shattered. I felt lost and was so devastated that I realized I could not cope with this situation on my own any more. Searching for professional help I accidentally ended up with a psychologist, who introduced me to spontaneous writing. This was a revelation for me. Already the very first time I tried it out in 1981. And it still is for me, again and again.

Writing that way I sensed for the first time in my life: “Here I can be and unfold what I truly am.” In one of my very first spontaneous writing texts in 1981 I found myself writing: “What my life needs is transcendence.” I was puzzled, as I did not even know the meaning of that word back then.

From that time on I was always divinely guided on my spiritual path and learning. Always, the perfectly fitting teacher, book, seminar or companion showed up by himself or itself at the right time. Still today, 35 years later, there is no end to this journey, the growing and learning. And I love it.

It took me a very long time, decades, before I began to share with and teach to other people what I had learned. To share the message: “Stop living according to other people’s mental concepts. You are unique, beautiful and precious. Search for who you truly are, discover and live your primal nature. Your life will become meaningful, untroubled, joyful and successful automatically. Your potential is so much grander than you believe now.“

The first people I empowered in that direction were my students at university, where I was professor of statistics for two decades. My first book, a self-coaching guide for students “Studieren kann man lernen: Mit weniger Mühe zu mehr Erfolg” (in German, 2012) became Amazon bestseller within a few weeks after publication.

In order to connect with the own genuine nature, a training of the intuition is indispensable. You need to listen to your own inner voice, your inner wisdom and higher guidance. You need to connect to and trust in that which is deeper, more sound and true than the everyday noise around you. One way to connect with this inner space, to discover new ideas and solutions bigger than your usual mental chatter is the SOURCE method as presented in the book The Miracle Problem Solver. It is an intuitive, easy to learn and very effective problem-solving method which requires just a few crystals or stones. I have received the method 2009 during a spontaneous writing meditation on one of the most powerful places on this earth, the Bell Rock in Sedona (Arizona). The name of the method SOURCE is therefore both a perfect fit and an acronym for its essence: Sedona stone Oracle Unity Recreation Constellation Experience.


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