A beautifully written book about solving life’s challenges in a unique and enjoyable way! by Delia McCabe (psychologist, author) 

The author experienced a unique and life-changing epiphany while holidaying in a beautiful and sacred part of the USA. Using a beautiful ritual, she discovered that we have the innate ability to solve our challenges, in a fun and enjoyable way, and thereby emerge stronger, more balanced and fulfilled. This technique, unlike conventional psychotherapy, has the ability to allow the individual experiencing the challenge, to solve the issue by themselves, which means that one can use this approach anywhere, anytime and as often as necessary to uncover the solution. The brain has the ability to find solutions even when the mind hasn’t yet embraced them and this special technique allows this process to unfold naturally. A beautiful book containing a fun and enjoyable technique that I look forward to using again and again!

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An Earthly Gem for Spiritual Solutions! 5 STARS!! by Rivka A. Edery (licensed clinical social worker and author)

This is my first book on this topic: using crystals in constellations, and the spiritual aspect of the process. Until I received this book as a gift, I have never been interested in this method of spiritual connection, and also not knowledgeable at all with it. However, upon reading about the author’s background and process, the book itself, and utilizing the method, I will share my personal experience, and hope that it accurately reflects my intention, and helps the reader decide to purchase it.

The writing is highly authentic and from the heart, and is obvious to me that the author has a lifetime of experience in this arena. I tried it with a particularly difficult situation that I have been dealing with for many years, and was quite startled at the accuracy of the initial constellation, and my emotional reaction when re-aligning the stones. (I was also further guided by finding how-to videos by the author, on YouTube.) Within 24 hours, and the following 5 days, some insights and perspectives came to me about related „players“ involved, that I had never thought of before. I experienced a 360 in terms of perspective and a calm, resolved approach about it. What this highlights for me, is that SOURCE has provided us humans with numerous „portals“ and methods of communicating with the spiritual realm.

Not every method of spiritual connecting is for everyone. Keep an open mind, and see what the result is for you. I kept an open mind, and I am absolutely delighted, and will return to this method as needed.

And lastly, Kira’s suggested prayers are stunning (pages 72-73) – „It was as if the words were dictated to me, whispered into my ear or my heart and placed directly under my hand and pen.“ (pg.11) Thank you for being a faithful channel for SOURCE, and for writing this stunning gem of a book!

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